Find Me on Bloglovin’!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the world of Alt Summit and was able to take a few online classes for free through the Alt Channel thanks to Bing. Through those classes, I found out about a ton of amazing blogs, and thanks to them, more amazing resources. One of the resources I came across was Bloglovin’ through Aileen Barker’s blog (which is absolutely gorgeous – go check it out now!), and now you can find Magical Mugz on Bloglovin’ as well!

If you’ve never heard of Bloglovin’ and follow multiple blogs, I highly recommend signing up for a free account! It’s a great place to keep all your blog subscriptions in order, and it also has a lovely interface that is easy to use. My favorite part is that, unlike Google Reader, you visit the actual blog instead of just seeing the post.

Click the link below to start following me on Bloglovin’!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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